Green Cabbage
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Whole Food Love


Whole Food

I choose foods that are unprocessed, organic where possible and as local as possible.  I eat meat that has been ethically raised and pastured and organic eggs.  Each of us votes every week with our dollar when we do our grocery shopping.  I vote for a healthier planet and happier, healthier families.

I believe more vegetables on our plates would create dramatic changes in the collective health of our generation and I strive to encourage everyone I know to find delicious ways to include more vegetables throughout the day.



I have fun experimenting in the kitchen with new ingredients and flavours.  Eating foods that promote great health can be delicious.  There is no need to sacrifice flavour for health.

The recipes that I create are gluten and dairy free, but don’t think for one second that they will be lacking anything.  I invite you to be open to try some new ingredients or a new way of doing things.



Cooking is an experience and is one of my favourite ways to re-center myself.  I love to spend time with my family preparing, sharing and enjoying food together.  We dine at home, mainly on meals made from scratch.  We take time to plan our weekly menu to save money, time and waste.

I believe that our children can greatly benefit from a whole food diet.  By teaching them about food from a young age and not giving in to the norm of feeding them “kid” food we can set the path for vibrant health throughout their lives.


One final note:  In a world full of artificial this and processed that, it makes sense to educate ourselves about what we are eating, where it comes from, who grows it and what it does to our bodies.  I believe that we are all on a path and need to make changes to learn, grow and support our individual bodies as we move through the journey of life.  By tuning in and listening to our bodies we will learn what foods work for us.

I hope you enjoy my recipes and find inspiration on my site to live life in vibrant health.